About Us

 It  was Ralph Waldo 'Petey' Greene who encouraged William T, Gray, III PKA 'Bill' to start a D.C. recording label  when he explained at his Ft. Chaplin Apartment dwelling "Washington,  D.C. doesn't have a major label. D.C. recordings are often released and  considered local and rarely received national radio support like Motown,  Philadelphia International, Stax, Soul or Vee-Jay Records."

Petey went on to  advise Mr. Gray " Any label in Washington, D.C. must have diversity, staying power and persistence, because the entertainment business is not for everyone." Mr.  Gray took his advise and created Show-Time Records.  Show-Time Records  began as as recording studio/label with Gray as engineer.

Gray is no stranger to the entertainment business he had done events with  Brooke Shields, WKYS with Donnie Simpson, WPGC Merri-weather Post and others venues with Artists, As a child he  accompanied his mom Ruby my nights at D.C.'s Ko-Ko Lounge. Where she worked as the  club's manager. Gray met celebrities like Jame Brown, Spinners, Blue  Magic, Delphonics, Drifters Stylistics and Earth Wind & Fire would stop in or perform at Ko-Ko. The  Drifter's recorded a song  called 'Ruby Baby' released on Atlantic  Records. Gray's father William Jr., was an accomplished saxophone player  and band leader who toured with Bob Hope. Gray deciding to expand his  record label when he had ground breaking meeting with Peter Scott and his parents who were entertainers.  Robert and Virginia Vass Scott were radio, broadway and movie celebrities. Robert appeared in a movie with  President Ronald Reagan, while Virginia was the lead radio singer who appears in a movie with the Vass  Singers. 

Showtime Records first project released was female hip-hop duo  NiKI.  Their single 'Plain and Simple' was placed in regular rotation on  WOL, Radio Personality Petty Greene's radio station. After Show-Time  Records accomplished recognition in D.C. The label obtained a WEA  joint-venture agreement and released JEWEL She received great Billboard  Magazine reviews and her single 'For the Last Time' has been selling  since 1996. After being established D.C.'s premiere Record Label  Show-Time Records has recorded, produced and consulted with major  artists like J. Holday (TAKIR), Capital Records, Carl Martin (SHAI)  Gasoline Records/MCA, D..J. Kool, American Records and video production  Sisters in the Name of Rap a celebration of the later Motwn Artist Mc  Troube which featured Ice Cube, Yo-Yo Salt N Pepa, Queen Latifah, Mc  Lyte, Sweet T. and a host of others. 

Gray was invited  by Gerald Levert to attend Westley Snipes 'New Jack City' premiere party, Ozzie and Ruby Dee  Davis's 50th Anniversary Party, it was there he met Motown's founder Barry  Gordy and Steve Wonder. He attended the National Association of Radio  Broadcasters (NABOB) annul event and was introduced to Warner Brother's  Lethal Weapons Star Danny Glover, Motown legend Smokey Robinson and Sony  Records Mariah Carey. Show-Time Records later merged into Khurum  Records. Khurum Records' released Mohoganise who received noted feature  in Ebony Magazine and was placed in the entry category of the 50TH  Annual Grammy Awards and it become the foundation label of the  present-day STR Music Group (STRMG). 

Khurum Records now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of that corporation.  For most of its early existence it was one of a group of labels owned  and operated by larger parent corporations. The sequence of companies  that controlled STR Music Group. and its allied labels evolved through a convoluted series of corporate mergers and acquisitions to the early  2000s. Over this period STR Music Group grew from a struggling minor player in the music industry to become one of the top recording labels  in the world with Gray uncle Craig Barksdale providing engineering tips insight about the music business.  Mr. Barksdale worked an Engineer along side of Bruce Swedien at Brunswick Records, where is engineered songs for Jack Wilson, Chi-lites, etc.  Bruce Swedien later engineered songs 

Just when Gray was about to call the record business quits  he met with Ambassador of Gambia George W. Haley whose words of encouragement were "Don't Quit". He single handily convinced Gray not to give up his dream of working hard to make Washington, D.C. a solid entertainment center.  Ambassador George Haley told me about a Readers Digest article entitled "The Man What wouldn't Quit" written by his Brother Alex Haley (Root's fame) in 1963, the same year Martin Luther King gave his famous "I Have A Dream" speech.  Ambassador George Haley, an accomplished attorney worked with Dr. King during  the civil right movement, specifically with Brown v. the Board of Education.  Artists currently signed to STR Music Group’s  Khurum Records include but are not limited to NIKI, Jewel, Mohoganise,  TAKIR , Reco Live, Michelle Stone, Mya Melrose and Lando of the legendary  Highway QC's. Yesoar Records.