Recording Artists



  • NIKI,  female hip-hop duo record 'Plain N Simple' was the first record released on Show-Time Records and it was immediately picked up and placed in regular rotation at WOL Radio Station. NIKI was interviewed on Conan's WOL Go-Go/Hip-Hop show. NIKI was a unique find both girls parents had name them Nicky. Currently, NIKI recordingd are out of print. We plan to manufacture new records



  • JEWEL, R&B, PoP Rock alternative artist was released by Showtime Records and manufactured by WEA's specialty records under a  joint-venture agreement.  JEWEL is a relative of the late David Ruffin, lead singer of Motown's Temptations, I's obvious she was born with natural vocal ability.  JEWEL's "For the Last Time" received a great Billboard Magazine review. Single copy sold for over $200.00 at Amazon .



  • Mohoganise hip-hop was the first addition to the new Khurum Records label. Mohoganise album was placed in the 50th Grammy Entry category and has received great review in BRE Magazine and a notable entry in the Ebony Magazine along with greats like Patty, Earth Wind and Fire and more. Mohoganise was entered as last minute addition to the McDonalds Sessions tour with Twista and Nina Sky. Mohoganise album is still selling on Amazon and she currently working on material for a new album. Mohoganse says album will contain a great body of work.



  • TAKIR (Talented And Keeping It Real) consisted of five guys who great team of singers, songwriters, poets and actors. The group recorded a song with Showtime Records entitled 'Mr. Brown' while working under management New Music Entertainment (NME).  Two members of the group joined the military leaving only 3 member Nate, P.J. and Hazes (pictured above).



  •  Nahum (Nate) Grymes signed with Capital Records as 'J. Holiday' and released two hit singles "Bed" and "Suffocate."  He did  include TAKIR members on his albums.


Lando,  Everything's Gonna Be Alright, Higway QC's, God is good, Khurum Records

  • Lando is gospel contemporary artist hailing from the quartet group "The Highway QC's' his remake singe is sure to get the attention of everyone. Lando is a seasons gospel veteran and has performed everywhere including Los Vegas.

Michelle Stone


  •    Michelle Stone is a talented singer, song writer and great personality. She has sparked  interests every producer or songwriter or promoter she was introduced too. Michelle Stone's debut single features Tre-Anthony former member of 4EY is a sure hit. 

Melly Rozay (Maya Melrose)

Maya Melrose

  • Melly Rozay (Mya Melrose) is an artist signed to Freebandz Records of Future, Sony Records. Maya has been working with STR Music Group's Khurum Records on a single due to be released soon. Melly  is vegan who eats very healthy.



  • Tre-Anthony is a talented singer, songwriter and former member of the group 4EY THE FUTURE. Tre-Anthony is was the comedian  of the group, he sounds just like Katt Willams.

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